Highest Quality Milk − we support local dairy farmers

Our factories are strategically located in Wales and Northern Ireland in the heartlands of  some of the best milk producing areas in the U.K. Our milk is sourced  from local farmers who are committed to the highest standards of animal health and welfare thus ensuring that they produce  the highest quality milk possible, tailored to meet our specific compositional and quality standards.

Consistent Milk Quality − for consistent quality cheese

Once the milk arrives at our factories, we optimize the milk by balancing the protein and fat levels to achieve the perfect ratio for mozzarella production. Making sure that the milk is perfectly balanced helps us provide a consistent quality and positively impacts our mozzarella attributes and performance.

Milk Price − rewards the highest milk quality

We pay a competitive price for milk that encourages our farmers to attain the highest milk quality and compositional standards through animal health and nutrition programs, and rewards them for investing in best practice farming techniques.